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1. OEKO-TEX & FSC Standard
2. Natural Eco-friendly bamboo fiber
3. Absorbent,strong detergency, quick dry, silky,durable
  • NO: Ac0005
  • Size: 40*40 cm
  • Weight: 56 g
  • Material: Bamboo fiber + Polyester + Polyamide
  • Logo: Cusomizable
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    1. Bamboo natural microfiber material, super soft, lint free and scratch free
    2. Highly absorbent ability: When dry, these microfiber cloths use static electricity to pick up fine particles and clean delicate surfaces, absorb water or oils stains quickly. They are also easy to use dampened or with your favorite cleaning solutions. They are a one-stop solution for so many cleaning needs!
    3. Multifunction: Ideal for cleaning, polishing and drying. Microfiber cleaning cloths are designed to effectively clean all surfaces. They are amazing as dish cloths, for dusting, and great for cleaning windows, kitchenware and other delicate surfaces. Bamboo Naturals microfiber cloths are also perfect for outdoor uses like auto care. You won’t run any risk of scratching paint or glass!
    4. Breathable and dry quickly, no bad smell left and more antibacterial
    5. Machine washable and durable: These are easy to clean and reuse time and time again, so you can stop wasting money on buying paper towels! These are durable enough to use over and over while being better for the environment than disposables.
    6. Easy to use and care: Machine or hand wash on cold without fabric softener then hang or lay flat to dry.

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    1. OEM & ODM: different customized  service including logo, color, pattern, packing
    2. Free sample: offer rich variety of products
    3. Fast and experienced shipping service
    4. Professional after-sales service

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