Recently our bamboo fiber product series such as cleaning cloth, drying mat have been Oeko tex approved. I wonder if you have noticed that in addition to price labels and ingredient labels, many textile products also have a special label – Oeko tex ecological textile label. More and more consumers are more willing to buy products with this label. So what is this Oeko tex tag? What does it do? Let’s have a look at it today. Oeko tex certification is a sustainable solution for the textile and leather supply chain, including standard 100, eco passport, stip, make in green, leader standard and Detox to zero. Most of our most common Oeko tex certification refers to standard 100 by Oeko-Tex ® authentication.
STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX ® It is an authoritative ecological textile standard recognized by the global textile industry at present. It detects harmful substances in raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products and accessories of all textiles in the processing link. The testing standards mainly refer to the latest laws, regulations and standard requirements of different countries and organizations in the textile field, such as EU REACH regulations, American consumer product safety improvement law, etc., and are consistent with the advocacy of green peace, zdhc hazardous chemical zero emission foundation and other organizations. Oeko tex eco textile label can be hung after the harmful substances are detected and Oeko tex certificate is obtained.
What’s the use of Eko tex?
As we all know, textiles need a lot of chemical reagents in the production process. The raw materials of textiles, such as cotton, will also use herbicides and pesticides when planting. If the production process is not strictly supervised, these chemicals may remain in the finished products, which may be harmful to human products during long-term use.
The role of Oeko tex can be seen from two aspects. From the perspective of consumers, Oeko tex ensures that the textile products purchased by consumers are ecological textiles harmless to health through scientific and rigorous testing methods, so as to better protect the health and safety of consumers. From the perspective of enterprises, okeo tex can help enterprises optimize risk management and implement social responsibility, improve international popularity and make products more selling points.

Post time: May-17-2022