Short Description:

1. Super absorbent
2. 180 degree auto bounce back
3. Wet and dry cleaning
4. Self cleaning
  • No: Aa0013
  • Size: Mop refill: 33*5.5 cm Mop frame: 32*5.5 cm Mop rod: 128 cm
  • Weight: 490 g
  • Material: Stainless steel rod, PVA sponge mop refill
  • Packing: Acceptable
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    1. Quickly soft: The sponge head becomes soft immediately when it is wet, so there is no need to waste time waiting
    2. Super absorbent: PVA sponge material with grooves design has a strong and easy adsorption ability for fine dust and small particles. remove water stains instantly.
    3. 180 Degree Rotation and soft PVA sponge head easy to clean any narrow gaps hard to reach This flexible swivel head makes it simple to clean any hard-to-reach Places, such as under the couch, up on window or any corner in the kitchen. No need to bend over to struggle to clean the furniture beneath.
    4. The stainless steel rod: light weight but sturdy enough to scrub the spots of the floor, allow you to move through the house quickly. It provides long reach for high corners and deep under furniture, deep and easy cleaning with one hand without bending down.
    5. Sponge handle for comfort and non slip grip.
    6. Hands free washing: features a wringer that allows for quick cleaning, protect hands free from dirty water. No dirty hands, hurt hands and frozen hands, cuts your mopping time in half, just washing the mop head with wringer directly behind flowing water, clean a large house with little time, friendly for ladies and the elderly.
    7. More convenient washing and dehydration.: With self cleaner wringing set, keep the washing machine away from the dirty pads,
    8. Whole house cleaning: A good choice for kitchen floors, restaurant, bathroom, garages, warehouses, office and so on.
    9. Easy Storage(Standing storage–space saving): Adjust the self-cleaning mop 30° with floor, automatic bounce back to close after housework. This home mop allows stand up straight in the corner for easy storage, or just hang over the wall, a hang-up hole on the handle makes it easy to storage and more accessible, you don’t need to make too much room for the mop anymore.
    How to use:
    1.Just slide the sponge head up and down, the built in wringer set would squeeze out the water, hair and dust on it.
    2.One key the board to install and remove the sponge head

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