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1. Poweful water absorbent sponge
2. Hanfdfree self folding squeeze
3. Telescopic pole with hanging hole
4. Multi purpose for home and car cleaning
  • No: Aa0010
  • Size: Mop refill:27*10*3 cm Mop frame:27*7 cm Mop rod:67-116 cm
  • Weight: 350g
  • Material: PP frame, iron rod, sponge + microfiber mop refill
  • Packing: Acceptable
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    1. Unique microfiber + sponge mop refill: effectively cleans up dirt and spills, super absorbent.
    2. The handle design of the squeezing system: easy to squeegee water automatically, automatic squeezing action makes squeezing easy and keeps hands dry and clean
    3. The length of the rod can be freely adjusted between 67-116 cm. Therefore, you can easily clean the wall or ceiling without bending over when cleaning the floor. This can effectively relieve fatigue and back pain and bring you better experience, friendly for ladies and the elderly.
    4. The mop rod is sturdy and comfortable grip, made of high-quality rod, which can withstand friction and frequent use, and is not easily deformed and distorted. It is stronger than the traditional plastic one.
    5. Velcro sponge mop refill to make the pad easier to install and replace mop head.
    6. Wet & dry, hand free washing: suitable for cleaning various kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms. No need to use other tools such as a bucket, the mop is equipped with a wringer protects your hands without getting your hands wet.
    7. Hook design: hang over the wall, easy for storage. A hang-up hole on the handle makes it easy to storage and more accessible, you don't need to make too much room for the mop anymore.

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